MSR Umbrella offer a standard value Umbrella service for our client, but we appreciate some of our clients would like extra services and support. We understand most of the service provider charge small fees for every extra services but we are not going to charge for additional services including;

  • Manual processing of expenses
  • Conducting one-off review of expenses 
  • Re-processing payroll
  • Same day payments 
  • Payments outside of regular payroll schedule
  • Posting payslips and pay summaries 
  • Duplicate pay or earnings documentation
  • Payroll adjustments
  • Statement/Certificate of Earnings
  • Reference letters for 3rd parties 
  • Confirmation of employment letter


Service Level Agreement Time

  • Bank Details Change by payroll cut-off on next working day
  • CIS copy monthly Statements Next working day
  • Copy of Pay Documentation       Next working day
  • Non-Essential Personal Details change 3 working days
  • Refund Requests 5 working days
  • Reprocessing of payroll   2 working days
  • Statement of Earnings Next working day
  • Third Party Form 3 working days

Are you are aware; IR35 is a piece of tax legislation introduced by the government and aims to change the way the flexible workforce pays taxes. HMRC discussion and consultation; the proposed changes to the IR35 regime will now be introduced on 6th April 2017 for the public sector.

If you currently work through your own personal service company (PSC) the changes that have been made to the IR35 legislation are likely to impact your take home pay and we want to ensure you are aware of this.



Please contact us before signing to any new contract with the agent.

We are offering a new payroll solution for you. Our new solution will also give you greater visibility of all your pay through a dedicated team.

Rest assured, all of our solutions are 100% compliant with current UK tax legislation.


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