Why outsource your Payroll?

Real-time information is the biggest change to payroll since PAYE (Pay as You Earn) was introduced in 1944. Now there are Pension Auto-Enrolment duties and stricter Court orders deductions or earnings to deal with. Constant changes in HMRC’s legislations has resulted in a pile-up of duties for employers to keep in check. Majority of employers are facing constant fines and warnings.

It is now evident that you need a strong allocated payroll department within your business to meet these requirements and the most cost effective method is to outsource it, rather than pay more employees to handle existing employees. The RTI (Real-Time Information) scheme has also caused many discrepancies upon reporting and employers are receiving many debt letters by mistake and going through a charge resolution with HMRC can be time consuming and daunting. Here at MSR, we will handle this for you, so you may continue with your trade with a peace of mind. 

The use of accountancy specialized softwares, ensures we provide a unique service to other payroll bureaus; we are able to produce very detailed payroll reports for your accounts department. We also provide an accountancy service and have a separate team of accountants if you wish to keep it all under one roof in near future. The vast variety of reports will ensure your accounts department receive a detailed P11 deductions report and your HR department and Directors are provided with a simple report to ensure employees are paid correctly and have a full understanding on the deductions made from their gross salary/wages. 



1. Minimize auto enrolment stress.

2. Time efficient.

3. Reduce cost of employing further staff and software/software add-ons.

4. Utilize the experience of our payroll professionals and chartered accountants.

5. Access to large amounts of reports to accommodate both your accounts and HR team.

6. Minimize PAYE Liability discrepancies and charge resolution stress with HMRC.

7. Avoid fines and penalties.

8. Keep employees happy with digital payslips sent to them immediately.

9. Data is kept safe on both electronic and paper-based copies.



Are you are aware; IR35 is a piece of tax legislation introduced by the government and aims to change the way the flexible workforce pays taxes. HMRC discussion and consultation; the proposed changes to the IR35 regime will now be introduced on 6th April 2017 for the public sector.

If you currently work through your own personal service company (PSC) the changes that have been made to the IR35 legislation are likely to impact your take home pay and we want to ensure you are aware of this.



Please contact us before signing to any new contract with the agent.

We are offering a new payroll solution for you. Our new solution will also give you greater visibility of all your pay through a dedicated team.

Rest assured, all of our solutions are 100% compliant with current UK tax legislation.


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