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MSR works round the year for the clients, agencies and employees. The payroll process begins as soon as you join as an employee and the last PAYE information is run through or system.



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 MSR Umbrella Services Ltd, you can trust.We meet all elements of  Compliance and also approved by Accountax.
  MSR Umbrella Services is active associate Member of FCSA. Our membership further validates the compliant credentials of all our payroll solutions as they have satisfied the stringent criteria demanded by the recruitment industries leading trade associations.


We understand that it is essential for you to be fully compliant with all of the latest working regulations and legislations. Due to the frequent amendments and the introduction of new legislation; it can be a mind-field to keep up-to-date with all of the changes.

 We are always ready to help you to keep you up-to-date with the requirements.

We work along with tax specialists, Abbey Tax, Accountax, to ensure compliance. All our experienced team are fully up-to-date and aware of all new and existing regulations and legislations. We will make you aware of any changes that affect the way you work or your pay, plus we will also ensure that you will be compliant with HMRC.

Mutuality of obligation

We operate as an ‘over-arching’ Contract of Employment; this is to maintain continuity of employment.

We treat all income paid to you from Us as earnings of employment of the worker by deducting full PAYE from these earnings.

Statutory obligations

We have the statutory obligations contain reference to paid holiday entitlement, sick pay, maternity and paternity pay.

Our pay slips show clear illustrations including full PAYE is deducted from workers’ earnings.

Contractual obligation

We have a contractual obligation to guarantee a minimum number of hours of work in any 12-month period. The acceptable number of hours guaranteed in an over-arching contract to satisfy HMRC on this point is 336 hours.

We are responsibility to pay the contractor’s salary once a month regardless of whether or not funds have been received from the recruitment agency or end client and this is paid at minimum wage (currently £7.50 per hour); we will pay the Employers NI contributions due on this amount.


We have hold Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance.

Expenses Claim

We process all expenses claims in strict accordance with the HMRC guidelines. We insist that all expenses claimed are fully supported by receipts and will not permit any unsubstantiated claims. All receipts are retained and we randomly check frequently to ensure that only allowable and substantiated claims are processed.

We include expenses payments in your calculations of the National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage/other legal minimum payments as directed by legislation?

AWR Monitoring

We flow agency workers’ regulation and we are affiliated with AWR bodies like REC and FCSA.




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As an umbrella employee of MSR Umbrella, you can claim business expenses back through our hassle-free system.You can only claim your expenses if they are actually incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your employment.

Claiming expenses is straightforward; you just fill out MSR expense claim forms and provide the relevant receipts. You can send them by e-mail, or send us a clear photograph from your mobile phone. You can only claim expenses that were incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily for the purpose of the business.

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As people in the UK are living longer, but not saving properly for retirement, the Government has introduced the new pension auto-enrolment regulations which was phased in for August 2014.

The legislation means that employers must automatically enrol workers into a workplace pension based on certain factors including their age and earnings. It started with large employers and will then be rolled out to all employers.

Our experienced team are on hand to help you complete any forms or listen to any queries you may have.  As we offer a range of payroll and HR services, we will provide you with comparable pay illustrations for different payment schemes and advise you which service suits you the best.

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As an umbrella employee, we provide you with the following: 

  1. Employer’s Liability of up to £1,000,000  
  2. Public and Products Liability of up to £5,000,000  
  3. Professional Indemnity of up to £500,000

Plus, Personal Accident Insurance is also available.


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Key Benefits:

  • No more administration or tax worries of running a company or trade as self employer
  • Expense policy; explaining you to ensure you claim back what you are entitled to
  • Advice on taxable allowances to ensure your tax is minimised
  • No Accountancy fee to pay for the employment



Are you are aware; IR35 is a piece of tax legislation introduced by the government and aims to change the way the flexible workforce pays taxes. HMRC discussion and consultation; the proposed changes to the IR35 regime will now be introduced on 6th April 2017 for the public sector.

If you currently work through your own personal service company (PSC) the changes that have been made to the IR35 legislation are likely to impact your take home pay and we want to ensure you are aware of this.



Please contact us before signing to any new contract with the agent.

We are offering a new payroll solution for you. Our new solution will also give you greater visibility of all your pay through a dedicated team.

Rest assured, all of our solutions are 100% compliant with current UK tax legislation.


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