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Key Benefits:

  • No more administration or tax worries of running a company or trade as self employer
  • Expense policy; explaining you to ensure you claim back what you are entitled to
  • Advice on taxable allowances to ensure your tax is minimised
  • No Accountancy fee to pay for the employment


Detailed Benefits:

  • Fast invoicing and collection improves cash flow
  • We can set you up for contracting in less than 24 hours
  • You benefit from "Limited Liability" which helps protect your personal assets
  • You become an Umbrella employee and outside the scope of IR35
  • As an employee you benefit from Statutory Sick Pay and Maternity Pay
  • Get reimbursed for expenses that you are entitled to 
  • You can reduce your tax liability by claiming deductions for expenses that you have incurred but not reclaimed that were wholly, exclusively and necessary in performing your duties i.e. travel, hotels. We provide you with a full list of expenses you may be able to claim
  • We are managed by Qualified Accountants
  • No need to take out expensive contractor insurance - we ensure you are fully covered
  • Access to Group Pension Scheme and discounted Health Cover
  • Child Care Voucher Scheme
  • Mortgage and Employer references available
  • A back office of qualified staff acting on your behalf 
  • Frees up your time to earn more money or enjoy your free time and family life
  • Less time worrying about administration
  • Discounted Monthly Payment option
  • Claim back ALL expenses you are entitled to


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Are you are aware; IR35 is a piece of tax legislation introduced by the government and aims to change the way the flexible workforce pays taxes. HMRC discussion and consultation; the proposed changes to the IR35 regime will now be introduced on 6th April 2017 for the public sector.

If you currently work through your own personal service company (PSC) the changes that have been made to the IR35 legislation are likely to impact your take home pay and we want to ensure you are aware of this.



Please contact us before signing to any new contract with the agent.

We are offering a new payroll solution for you. Our new solution will also give you greater visibility of all your pay through a dedicated team.

Rest assured, all of our solutions are 100% compliant with current UK tax legislation.


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